Birthday Party Checklist

Birthday parties can require a lot of planning to get everything just right. Here is a checklist to get your birthday party planning started.

birthday-party-checklist1 Month Before Birthday Party

  • Determine birthday party budget
  • Select the birthday party theme
  • Create birthday party supply checklist
  • Send invitations
  • Book birthday party entertainment
  • Decide on menu and drinks

3 Weeks Before Birthday Party

  • Order birthday party supplies and birthday favors
  • Detemine birthday games and buy birthday game items
  • Create shopping list for birthday menu
  • Order birthday balloons, pinata or any special favors
  • Check on RSVPs

1 Week Before Birthday Party

  • Complete deep cleaning
  • Order birthday cake
  • Buy non perishable food items
  • Buy plates, cups, silverware
  • Buy birthday candles and matches
  • Call those who have not responded to RSVP
  • Buy birthday present ()

Two Days Before Birthday Party

  • Make sure cameras are charged and have extra batteries
  • Make sure you have needed memory cards for cameras
  • Clean out fridge and make space
  • Confirm entertainment
  • Select music
  • Make sure you have garbage bags, foil and plastic wrap
  • Fill pinata and verify you have needed party favors

Day Before Birthday Party

  • Wash and decorate birthday party area
  • Clean bathrooms, verify extra toilet paper and soap
  • Childproof birthday party area
  • Gather birthday games and activities
  • Set out birthday party favors
  • Make sure you have enough ice and fill up ice trays or buy
  • Prepare perishable food

Birthday Day!

  • Pick up birthday cake and ballons
  • Prepare food and place on trays
  • Finalize birthday decorations
  • Set up birthday games
  • Set up serving/food area
  • Have camera ready Smile! Have fun!

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