Top 10 Birthday Gifts for Girls

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Kids love opening “real” presents-don’t resort to offering a gift card for your next birthday gift.

Top 10 Birthday Gifts For Girls

gifts-for-girlsKids love opening “real” presents-don’t resort to offering a gift card for your next birthday gift. You can offer a fun present that your child (or a friend) will enjoy playing with, and get some other real benefits as well. Choose outdoor toys to encourage physical activity, or an art set to get the creative juices flowing. Consider bringing one of the following “girl” gifts to your next party:

1. Barbie with clothing: If you are at all crafty, you can knit, crochet, or sew a unique, one of a kind Barbie wardrobe. Looks for scraps of sparkly and embroidered fabrics or yarns to make your child’s Barbie the best dressed on the block.

2. Sewing Machine: Choose a basic “grown up” sewing machine equipped with a simple zigzag and straight stitch for an older girl. Girls under 9 may prefer a child sized machine with the same functions. Include a basic sewing book and some fabrics to get her started. This is an “old fashioned” gift, but learning to sew and craft at an early age promotes both creativity and manual dexterity.

3. Salon Trip: Plan a mini salon day, including a haircut and style, and a simple manicure and pedicure. This is a great way to spend some one on one time with your daughter, no matter how old she is.

4. Sports Equipment: Sports are not just for boys! Most little girls will enjoy a t-ball set or similar item, and girls of all ages can play basketball or soccer. Playing sports builds confidence and fitness, and a child that enjoys sports will develop healthy habits that last a lifetime.

5. Play House or Kitchen Set: Even young toddlers enjoy pretend play. If you provide your daughter with a pretend house or kitchen, you are providing her with the opportunity to play “pretend”, and role play as well.

6. Bicycle, Skates, or Skateboard: Provide a fun way to get around, and add a matching helmet and safety gear as needed.

7. Cooking or baking set: Depending on your child’s age, you can provide a “real” set of cooking utensils, and possibly some cooking lessons. If your child is interested, you can seek out classes in cake decorating, artisan breads, or other specialty items. This gift is not limited to girls-many boys enjoy cooking as well!

8. Art set: Assemble your own art set using a tackle box and basic art supplies. Include paint and brushes, paper, pastels, canvas, scissors, and other fine art supplies. You can also include a collapsible easel for your budding artist to work on.

9. Scrapbook Set: Select or make a scrapbooking kit, including an album, specialty papers, scissors, punches and stickers. Include an inexpensive camera, and your child can scrapbook using her own photos.

10. Petting Zoo party: If your child is the birthday girl, rent a petting zoo for the big day- hire a travel petting zoo for the day. These small businesses will set up in your backyard, and bring along a variety of kid-friendly animals for your child to meet and learn about. The best travel zoos include an “animal talk” as well, and let your child and her guests meet and learn about animals right in your own backyard.

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