Decorated Photo Frame

How to Decorate a Picture Frame for a Wedding Gift.

Picture frames made great wedding gifts!

You can create a personalized picture frame for a bride and groom as an inexpensive homemade wedding gift. Photo frames always make a great wedding gift because the couple has will be preparing their home together, and they will have a lot of wedding photos to hang in their home!

Step 1: Purchase a wood photo frame at a local craft store and embellishments that you would like to use. Purchase paint if you decide to paint or stain the frame. You may also want to get a matte or glossy clear coat to seal everything and make it easier to wash the frame.

Step 2: Use a word processor and printer to print off the couples name, you could use words like “The Bride & Groom” or “Mr. and Mrs *insert last name*” or “The Newlyweds” – depending on the style you choose, print this on some fun paper and tear the edges for a more rustic look or cut it square for a cleaner look.

Step 3: Paint or stain the frame, glue the personalized print out on the frame and decorate with the embellishments. Spray with clear coat and you are done!

It may take a little creativity, but you should have a great homemade wedding gift !.