Fourth Anniversary Gifts

The 4th anniversary. Time to celebrate!

The traditional fourth anniversary gift is: Fruit or Flowers
The modern fourth anniversary gift is: Electrical Appliances

fruit-fourth-anniversary-giftThere are a lot of great gifts for your 4th anniversary.

Some traditional 4th anniversary gift ideas include:

  • Flowers delivered to work or home
  • Chocolate covered strawberries
  • Floral bubble bath and floral scented candles
  • Rose petals spread throughout the house

Some modern 4th anniversary gift ideas include:

I am going to step in here, when buying Glucophage a gift for a romantic holiday, appliances can be dangerous territory. This does depend on your spouse though. The rule of thumb is buy a “want” not necessarily a “need.” Gifts should be special, not necessary.

  • Power tools! (I consider those to be appliances..)
  • A electrical massager (massage chair?)
  • New coffee maker (time for an upgrade?)
  • DVD player
  • HD Television


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