Second Anniversary Gifts

The 2nd anniversary is cause for celebration!

The traditional second anniversary gift is: Cotton
The modern second anniversary gift is: China

lingerie-second-anniversary-giftThere are a lot of great cotton gifts out there for a 2nd anniversary.

Some traditional 2nd anniversary gift ideas include:

  • New bed linens
  • Nice underwear or lingerie
  • A personalized t-shirt (I am not sure that the “I’m With Stupid” T-shirt is a good idea here…)
  • A nice cotton blanket (why not throw in some DVD’s and make it a snuggle night?)

Some modern 2nd anniversary gift ideas include:

  • A china set would be the more obvious one here
  • A china teacup and saucer – a lot of antique stores sell cup and saucer sets that look very nice in home decoration.
  • Big Trouble in Little China (ok, a bit silly, but you could pair it with a cotton blanket from the traditional list! You could then brag about how you went traditional and modern for your anniversary gifts).
  • Ok, the all out gift here, a trip to China! (or a book about China with plans to save up for a trip there)…

Click here to view a chart of anniversary gifts by year..

Close your eyes, too, if that feels comfortable